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Fresh Sausage*  8 each 

choice of:  Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Knockwurst or Spicy Bavarian  

served with Sauerkraut, and a soft pretzel  



Kaese Spaetzle   8 

 Handmade Spaetzle with Emmenthaler cheese, 

gratineed and topped with caramelized onions

Add mushrooms and bacon $ 3          Add a sausage of your choice $ 3 



Farmers Breakfast*  9 
Choice of sausage, roasted potatoes

topped with two fried eggs 



Potato Pancake Black Forest    9 
seared Atlantic salmon, with a poached egg and a side salad 
dill yoghurt dressing 



Potato Pancake Eggs Benedict   9  
Black Forest Ham, poached eggs and Hollandaise,  



Potato Pancakes Florentine   9   

 Spinach, poached eggs, and Hollandaise 



Strammer Max   9 
Sliced and grilled German Bread, smoked aged Ham topped  
With two fried eggs, roasted potatoes 



Kaiser Schmarn   9 
Fluffy pancakes with dark cherries and sliced peaches, 
Dusted with powdered sugar and creme chantilly 



Wiener Schnitzel   12 
Breaded pork loin cutlet, roasted potatoes and a side salad 
Add egg $ 2



JagerSchnitzel   12 
Pork loin cutlet, hunter sauce,handmade spaetzle 



Sauerbraten*    12 
Marinated braised beef, raisin wine sauce, 
Handmade Spaetzle and red cabbage


*available gluten free



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