“Schnitzel Fest”

Your Choice $22


Schnitzel "Oscar"

Breaded pork loin cutlet topped with asparagus, shrimp and sauce Bernaise

Schnitzel "Hawaii"

Breaded pork loin, with a slice of fresh pineapple, Black Forest Ham and our special creamy cheese

Onion Schnitzel 

Pan seared pork loin with a wine and onion sauce topped with cheese au gratin

Curry Schnitzel 

pan seared pork loin with a tangy tomato curry cream sauce 

King Schnitzel

Lightly breaded pork loin topped with ham, cheese and a fried egg

 Schnitzel with Greens 

Lightly breaded Schnitzel topped with

fresh Arugula and cherry tomato vinaigrette

Rham Schnitzel 

pan seared pork loin served with savory cream gravy

(valid August 2022)