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Summer Hot Menu!



you may substitute the 2 sides

for a house or a cesar salad


  Schnitzel Wiener style 

  breaded pork cutlet, spätzle and braised red cabbage


 pan seared pork loin, hunter style mushroom sauce,

  handmade spätzle and braised red cabbage

 Zigeuner Schnitzel 

  Pan seared pork loin, roasted pepper sauce

    handmade spãtzle and braised red cabbage


 marinated braised beef, sweet sour wine sauce,

spätzle and braised red cabbage

 Chicken Parisienne  

    pan seared chicken breast, topped with apples and Brie cheese

spätzle and red cabbage

Chicken Black Forest

pan seared chicken breast layered with

smoked ham and swiss cheese

spatzle and red cabbage


                                                         (valid Summer 2020)

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