Goulasch  Soup  6

tender beef stew


   Soup of the Day   5


   Grilled Pastrami Reuben  9

  Rye bread, Russian dressing,sauerkraut,

aged Swiss cheese

choice of soup or salad


   Grilled Turkey and Havarti  9

whole grain bread, cranberry relish

choice of soup or salad


   Schnitzel Sandwich  9

   breaded pork loin

on a crunchy roll with lettuce

lemon caper aioli 

   choice of soup or salad


   Black Forest Ham and Swiss  9

   Black Forest ham, aged Swiss cheese

   hot or cold with lettuce and tomato

   choice of soup or salad


   Local German Sausages  9

  choice of:

 Bratwurst, Weisswurst, Knockwurst

  or spicy Bavarian served with

  sauerkraut, soup or salad


Sauerbraten    12

red wine vinegar marinated braised beef,

 red cabbage and Spatzle


Schnitzel Wiener style 12

with red cabbage and spatzle

+ sunny side up farm egg 2 


Jägerschnitzel  12

pan seared porkloin, field mushroom

cream sauce, Butterspätzle, farm vegetables


House Caesar Salad  7

romaine lettuce, homemade dressing,

Pecorino Romano, sourdough crouton.

 Add Chicken  3  Schnitzel  3  fresh catch 5


   Black Forest Salad  7

  field greens, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, radish,

  red onions, toasted sunflower seeds

  Add Chicken  3  Schnitzel  3  fresh catch 5


Desserts  6


  Fresh baked Apple Strudel

with Vanilla Ice Cream


Home-Made Black Forest Cake

with whipped cream and cherries